Tuesday, August 29, 2017


Does working in the office feel like you are under "house arrest"?

With a Mitel Hosted telephone system through Quality Communications, feel free to leave the office on an appointment, lunch date or social engagement and never miss a beat. You can keep up with phone calls, voicemails and even e-mails when leaving the confines of your office. Your cell phone is part of the system!

When traveling you are in great shape with your hosted telephone. Internet Protocol allows you to take your office telephone to any hotel with an internet connection. Simply plug it in and every feature you have in the office you have on the road. If you frequently spend time away from the office at a vacation home or other set location, you can have a hosted telephone in place all the time as long as you have an internet connection.
Let's not forget, your cell is also part of the system, when traveling you will make calls over the internet as if you are in the office without being charged expensive wireless rates. That means that if you travel we can save you on your cell bill while you continue to use your cell phone to place and receive calls.

We can ring your hosted and cell phones individually or simultaneously on incoming calls to either number, both internal and external calls, with complete flexibility.

Let us come in and discuss this exciting, money saving technology with you ASAP. 

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