Wednesday, August 31, 2016


If you think your company is a good candidate for Voice over IP, an increasingly popular and effective way to save money on your telephony costs, you are probably already familiar with the concept. The benefits of pushing all of your voice, video and teleconferencing through the Internet include cost savings due to falling broadband pricing, ease of access and the ability to operate through an encrypted VPN connection for better security and control.

A hosted phone system takes the premise based equipment out of your computer room, equipment closet, or in the case of smaller organizations, basement, damp storage room or other unsuitable environment, and places it in a data center. In fact it places it in multiple data centers strategically designed to provide redundancy and eliminate failure. The connection between the phone on your desk and the "system" now goes through your broadband connection to the data center, in fact it goes through any Internet connection. Your telephone has an IP address just like your laptop, cellphone or tablet which incidentally are all components on the system, this means that you can unplug the phone from your desk and take it with you anywhere that you can connect to the Internet and plug it in and it operates the same as if it were on your desk.

So now a little about "WHY MITEL":

Mitel powers 2 billion connections every day, Mitel currently supports upwards of 1.6 million subscribers, almost a quarter of all global cloud users and nearly twice the number of their nearest competitor.

With a Mitel hosted solution you are dealing with one provider from end to end. Mitel manufactures the telephones and has 40 years of experience doing so. Mitel manufactures the system that resides in the data centers, Mitel wrote the software, owns and operates multiple data centers strategically located across the country and controls research and development. With other hosted solutions you will find a telephone manufactured by one company connected to a system that was manufactured by another company running software by yet a third party and support contracted out to a data center. That scenario can lead to an awful lot of finger pointing in the event of a problem or service interruption.

Now lets examine the benefits of a hosted solution versus premised based equipment from a service point of view; with premise based equipment the responsibility for maintenance usually falls to your already overworked IT department. The cost of this service must be covered by your organization with a service agreement or risky "time and material" based repairs. When your system is hosted there are technicians in the data center around the clock monitoring, repairing and upgrading the system as necessary.

Also remember that with a premise based system you must purchase "room for expansion" that you will not use for some period of time and when you do use it that will mean it's time for another expansion. With a hosted system you use only what you need and pay for only what you use and that is always the best way to go!

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Monday, August 29, 2016


CONGRATULATIONS TO MITEL: G2 Crowd, the world’s leading business software review platform, today released the Winter 2016 VoIP SoftwareGridSMreport to help businesses make the best technology decision. Skype, Google Hangouts, Viber and Mitel Unified Communications were named Leaders in the report, receiving strong customer satisfaction scores with a large market presence.