Monday, December 5, 2016

The Hosted "Hospital"

Where would you prefer to be if you were very ill or seriously injured? Would you rather be in the hospital surrounded by doctors, nurses and testing apparatus or in your basement, closet or attic surrounded by dust, moisture and darkness?

When your telephone system experiences an outage or maintenance issue, when it's time for an upgrade or a new software revision, Hosted Service means that your system is in the data center constantly surrounded by technicians and testing equipment. Upgrades and software revisions happen seamlessly and let's not forget redundancy; your system is in multiple data centers so that in case of an outage you are still in business from another data center without worry.
Have your office phones ever been


Never again with a Mitel hosted 

solution through Quality 


A traditional premise based system may seem like a cost effective way to keep control of your phone system. In truth it is riskier, probably more expensive and keeps you from taking advantage of  features that make your company and employees more productive, accessible and effective.

Ever Miss A Phone Call Because Your Phone Lines / Carrier Services Were Out?
When your phone lines or Internet service are down you miss calls and are unable to connect to the outside world which for most businesses today is as good as being out of business. Now there’s a solution! With Mitel hosted VoIP from Quality Communications there are no more phone lines to rely on, If your Internet service is down, calls are still answered by your personal Automated Attendant recording and/or automatically routed to your cell phone or any other phone in the world.

Built-in Disaster Recovery
In the event your office experiences a disaster and has to be vacated, take your phones with you.  Simply plug your Mitel VoIP phones in anywhere that has Internet service and it’s just like you’re back in the office again.  You can have phones at multiple locations such as remote offices, home offices, hotel rooms, etc. 

Get New Business Phones and Save Money Too!
Get rid of your expensive phone lines and start saving money today.  Keep your phone numbers, switch to Mitel hosted VoIP and get new VoIP phones.  One low monthly payment covers it all including local calls, long distance calls to the US and Canada, free on-site installation and training, free software upgrades, and more….It’s that simple. 

Service Is Provided 24/7

A staff of technicians will be monitoring, servicing and upgrading your system at multiple data centers 24 hours a day, 7 days a week providing you with the most reliable service possible. If a data center goes down, your service continues seamlessly from one of Mitel’s multiple redundant data centers.

MITEL MiCloud Business Editorial Review

Mitel is an affordable yet feature-rich VoIP solution for businesses of any size seeking a hosted VoIP phone system. Their service is reliable and secure, making them a prime option for organizations looking for a no-fuss system. Plus, they also offer different plans through their MiCloud Office and MiCloud Business solutions that are sure to fit any and every business. Mitel has been working with small to medium sized businesses for over 30 years and has developed its own VoIP technology. Many competitors use third-party technology, but Mitel uses its own system built from the ground up.

Personal Touch

Mitel takes care of their customers right from the start with their onsite installation and training. A Mitel employee is deployed to your business to install hardware, configure settings, and familiarize employees with the new phone network’s set of features. For the first three days of new service, a Mitel employee is assigned to your business for personal tech support. After the initial period, Mitel’s renowned customer support can help with any further issues.

MiCloud Business

Mitel offers two different plans within their Business solutions: Business Lite and Business Advanced. Both plans aim at delivering more productivity and better customer service through a simple and secure solution. Their hosted PBX phone system that allows users to work remotely as if they were in the office with their colleagues. They also allow mobile device integration, online feature administration, and the ability to modify service as your company grows. There are a number of Mitel applications available to consumers as well, such as MiCloud Call Recording, MiCloud Video Collaboration, and more. 

MiCloud Office

Mitel also offers other SMB VoIP solutions through MiCloud Office. These plans are millennial-focused, providing the mobility tools and cloud features that today's business needs. The plans also come with a host of included features and CRM integrations that help to increase productivity and efficiency. Plus, employees can work from anywhere with MiCloud Office, accessing the network from either a mobile device or a remote home office. Choose from either the Office Essential, Office Premier, or Office Elite plans depending on your needs and price point.