Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Thank you !!!

Quality Communications would like to thank all our customers for their loyalty over the years.
We are really excited to become more interactive with all of you and hope this makes the bond between our company and our customers even stronger.
With over 26 years in the telecommunications industry we have built some really incredible relationships.  Even though we are based in New Jersey we are proud to say that we have spread our services nationwide over those 26 + years.  We feel that we are leaders in the business telephone system world.  Whether it be maintaining systems for our customers or installing the latest and greatest VOIP telephone systems, we always stand by our Quality service.
We would also like to thank NEC and MITEL for all their years of support and helping Quality Communications become what we are today...
With NEC and MITEL always being on the cutting edge of the telecommunications industry, new software updates and system upgrades are very common.  So we implore you to check our site regularly and join our Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn groups for the latest news from these great companies.
These are exciting times in our ever evolving industry and we hope no one misses out on all the great technology that can help your company grow.
Thanks again to all that have made Quality Communications an institution in the telecommunications industry!
We look forward to our future as well as yours!!

Wednesday, April 3, 2013


Welcome to the new website of Quality Communications.  Quality Communications has taken the next step in becoming more interactive with our current and future customers.  In the coming weeks, our website will be offering news and updates on our company as well as our affiliates at NEC and MITEL.  We will be opening an Ebay store for equipment from NEC and MITEL that may no longer be found on the market.  We have become social as well.  Check out the links to our Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn accounts and watch those sites for updates and some really cool interactive features.  Become a follower or fan of our pages and be able to access special discounts as they become available.  As always we are here for you 24 hours a day, 7days a week.  Quality Communications will always be here to offer the QUALITY service you have come to know over the past 25 + years.  Check out the latest products from NEC, MITEL and other equipment we deal with such as CISCO. On the cutting edge of VOIP Technology you need look no further than Quality Communications..

Thank you and Stay Tuned!!!