Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Mitel Enhances the Reliability of Cloud-Based Business Communications and Collaboration Services

Partnership With VeloCloud Improves Network Performance Through Software-Defined Wide Area Networking and Provides 3X Times Cost Savings Over Traditional WANs

  • Steers business-critical traffic to highest performing paths with SD-WAN technology
  • Optimizes the performance of voice and video with assured service quality
  • Provides three times the savings of a traditional WAN with reduced IT maintenance
Mitel® (Nasdaq:MITL) (TSX:MNW), a global leader in real-time business, cloud and mobile communications, announced today MiCloud Edge, a new networking solution that increases the performance and reliability of business communications, while streamlining network management and providing three times the cost savings of a traditional WAN.
Heavy traffic or high bandwidth usage can lower quality for even the fastest, most robust Internet connection. MiCloud Edge, powered by Software-Defined Wide Area Network (SD-WAN) technology from VeloCloud™, lets companies of all sizes maximize bandwidth resources to provide optimal service quality for voice and video applications. SD-WAN enables  businesses to prioritize their applications and instanteously detect the highest quality connectivity path.
MiCloud Edge also makes network management easy, even for companies with multiple locations. New offices or branches can be mobilized within minutes. Simplified configuration options then monitor and control them from a centralized, cloud-based location. Compared with traditional circuits, which require onsite maintenance, MiCloud Edge further offers cost savings by minimizing the need for IT staff at each office and allows most companies to scale back the use of multiprotocol label switching and other expensive circuits. MiCloud Edge is currently available for sale in North America.
"SD-WAN has already become a differentiator for cloud providers because it gives companies the ability to quickly connect all their locations, maximize bandwidth, gain deeper insight into network performance and receive continuous repair of degraded links," said Dave MichelsEnterprise Communications Analyst, Buffalo Communications. "As a result, companies get higher quality communications overall while lowering costs by reducing the use of expensive MPLS circuits and avoiding system upgrades."
"Even with the highest performing communications and collaboration tools, businesses require a reliable and consistent network powering them," said Jon Brinton, EVP and President, Mitel Cloud Division. "MiCloud Edge simply and cost-effectively transforms network reliability, delivering professional-grade cloud communications and ensuring business-critical applications are always prioritized."
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The Hosted "Hospital"

Where would you prefer to be if you were very ill or seriously injured? Would you rather be in the hospital surrounded by doctors, nurses and testing apparatus or in your basement, closet or attic surrounded by dust, moisture and darkness?

When your telephone system experiences an outage or maintenance issue, when it's time for an upgrade or a new software revision, Hosted Service means that your system is in the data center constantly surrounded by technicians and testing equipment. Upgrades and software revisions happen seamlessly and let's not forget redundancy; your system is in multiple data centers so that in case of an outage you are still in business from another data center without worry.

Monday, January 9, 2017

Customer Satisfaction Surveys

Quality is never an accident; it is always the result of high intention, sincere effort, intelligent direction and skillful execution; it represents the wise choice of many alternatives!

We feel very strongly about this statement and our first priority is to live up to our name and this statement each and every day, for each and every customer. Whenever we visit your facilities, provide online support or sales support, we want to know that we are hitting the mark and exceeding your expectations. To that end we have designed an e-mail based survey that you will receive within days of a site visit or online support service order being processed. The survey is simple, it will only contain 3 or 4 questions, it is check box based with an optional comment field.

You can help us continue providing the very highest level of customer service by filling out the survey and sending it in by return e-mail. 

We thank you for your business and look forward to working with you to keep your organization's communications systems both hosted and on-premise the most efficient and cost effective possible.


Thursday, January 5, 2017

Why is Software Assurance Important?

Software assurance for your telephone system is an important component of your maintenance program.

Provided by the manufacturer, Mitel or NEC depending on your system, software assurance entitles the end user to software updates and new releases usually including new features and security updates as well as fixes for known existing problems in the past software releases.

Software Assurance also includes manufacturer support for your system, when we determine that a problem you are experiencing is due to a software issue we contact the manufacturer for guidance and work with the engineering department to see if they have other reports of the same type of issue, we then determine if the manufacturer is in the process of  developing a "fix" for the problem in an upcoming release of software. If your issue is not software related the manufacturer provides support in determining where the problem lies and identifying a solution. Without software assurance the manufacturer will not provide that support.

If your software assurance is not up to date, the manufacturer may require you to purchase multiple releases of software to get to the current release and will usually charge a premium for these releases of software.

As you have realized by now, it is wise to keep your software assurance up to date and protect the investment you have made in your system, while continuing your relationship with the manufacturer so that they are ready to provide support if called upon especially in an emergency.

Keep in mind that with a hosted telephone system these updates occur transparently and automatically in most cases, saving you money and keeping your telephones running trouble free, usually at no additional cost to you.

Does working in the office feel like you are under "house arrest"?

With a Mitel Hosted telephone system through Quality Communications, feel free to leave the office on an appointment, lunch date or social engagement and never miss a beat. You can keep up with phone calls, voicemails and even e-mails when leaving the confines of your office. Your cell phone is part of the system!

When traveling you are in great shape with your hosted telephone. Internet Protocol allows you to take your office telephone to any hotel with an internet connection. Simply plug it in and every feature you have in the office you have on the road. If you frequently spend time away from the office at a vacation home or other set location, you can have a hosted telephone in place all the time as long as you have an internet connection.
Let's not forget, your cell is also part of the system, when traveling you will make calls over the internet as if you are in the office without being charged expensive wireless rates. That means that if you travel we can save you on your cell bill while you continue to use your cell phone to place and receive calls.

We can ring your hosted and cell phones individually or simultaneously on incoming calls to either number, both internal and external calls, with complete flexibility.

Let us come in and discuss this exciting, money saving technology with you ASAP. 

Click on our contact page and arrange an appointment today.